Snowflake: Command Not Found: SnowSQL

You have installed SnowSQL on your shiney MacBook and for some reason when you go to CLI like a boss you get a “command not found: snowsql” error. This will really put a wrinkle in your day of SQL coding as I love SnowSQL for the ChUI and the autocomplete.

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The Fix
In order to fix this you will need to dust off your terminal skills with nano. All the code is in this snippet, but I will also show the walkthrough for comfort.

1. Open Terminal
cd ..
cd ..
cd etc
sudo nano paths
2. Enter Password3. Add in the path as follows for me:
control + x

Step 1: Open the Terminal and Cd to the Root and back into /etc/.

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Step 2: Open Nano to Edit paths as Admin and enter password.

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Step 3: Put in your path and close and save. Edit very carefully and use Control + X to close, Y and ENTER to save.
Pro Tip: To find your path open SnowSQL from Launchpad and it will be at the top of the terminal window.

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This should get your terminal back and running with gusto, or character(s). Happy CLI Querying!

Originally published at on July 28, 2020.

David spends his time working with Web-Scale Data Applications built on Snowflake with the largest tenants on the Snowflake Data Cloud.

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